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K9-GL - Pistol Cal 9mm, Glock Lower

K9-GL - Pistol Cal 9mm, Glock Lower

Product Review (submitted on January 29, 2015):
I bought this OLY Arms K9-GL as a patrol rifle for duty use. Our dept uses the Glock 17's for sidearms, and having a patrol rifle that uses the same ammo and mags is a bonus. A lot of departments use the AR platform in 223 / 5.56, and that rifle and caliber are excellent duty patrol rifles. But being in a small town suburban area I chose the 9mm as a more appropriate rifle for that type of community. The shorter range 9mm ammo is not going to travel too far or over penetrate.

I have kept the rifle pretty much standard issue from the factory because I found it was great right out of the box. With the Glock extended 33 round magazines it has as much ammo as a standard AR with hardly any felt recoil. The only add on items have been a Sight Mark red dot sight and a tactical sling. I also added a magazine pouch to the butt stock that holds two Glock 17 mags in addition to the one carried in the magazine well. This gives you three mags at the ready without having to grab the ammo pouch holding the 33 rounders.

As far as functioning goes, this is a very accurate rifle. Many may question the 9 mm round from a rifle, but it performs very well, and is accurate at 100 yards. Very accurate with the red dot. It is able to hold a 2" to 4" pattern at 100 yards. This accuracy is not easily attained with the 9 mm from a handgun at that range. I have not had to use the rifle on duty, but in range use it has been reliable, accurate, and free of any weapon related malfunctions. In any urban or suburban areas where close range use is the norm, this rifle would be a good choice for a duty patrol rifle.

I recently retired, and was glad this was a private purchase so I could take the rifle with me when I left, although I am sure many would have preferred that I leave the rifle behind for them to use. I told them to buy their own and they would not be sorry for it.