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Oly Arms Sportsman's Division

The Olympic Arms Sportsman's Division

Olympic Arms is committed to the idea that the AR15 is more than just another firearm that gets so easily pigeonholed into a category - typecast for the ages as a battle rifle or target shooter. That being the case, we welcome all owners of Olympic Arms products to join the tens of thousands of Olympic AR15 owners who have taken their favorite rifle or carbine to the field for hunting and sporting use.

To promote this are Olympic is leading the industry in the production of specialized models like the Gamestalker rifle in the WSSM chamberings, the GSG2 models in deer cartridges, LTFP Predator model, and rifles like the K16, K8 and world famous UM1 and UM1-P models for extreme accuracy for long distance prairie dogs.

In addition, Olympic Arms is teaming up with folks like Pro-Staff hunter Dustin Butler of Predator Down in order to promoted the safe and legitimate use of the AR platform rifle across the board as THE rifle of choice for everything from small game to North America's most popular hunts like Elk, Moose, Bear and more.

Check back here for regular updates and info on Olympic Arms additions to the world of what has been called The Modern Sporting Rifle.



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