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Do you manufacture Law Enforcement Only products?

Q:  Do you manufacture Law Enforcement Only products?

A:  Olympic Arms makes a wide variety of Law Enforcement Only (LEO) products.  Most AR-15 models listed in our catalogs are available in full-auto and burst Class III configurations. 

We do manufacture LEO models that are not listed in our Dealer, Retail or 1911 catalogs.  Details about these models are in our Law Enforcement catalog and on our web site (Products menu to the left in the AR-15 LE Models section).

LEO products are not available for online purchase and have a slew of paperwork for Class III products.  You can use the web site to get an idea of what products you are interested in then contact our LE Rep for details on prices and configurations.

Olympic Arms has a lengthy and deep history with Law Enforcement and Military units.  Our K3B model, as one small example, occupies the trunks of thousands of police cars around the world.

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