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LE Purchasing Methods

Q:  What paperwork is required by me and/or my Department?

A: As a law enforcement officer you have two ways by which to make a purchase of a complete firearm.

Direct Purchase:

If you desire to purchase a firearms directly from Olympic Arms, you can do so by means of a Departmental Letterhead Purchase. To make such a purpose, you are required to provide a statement on Departmental Letterhead, signed by the Chief LE Officer of your department or agency that includes the following statements and information on the document:

  • Your full name and personal address for our disposition records.
  • A statement indicating that you are currently actively employed by that agency.
  • A statement that the firearms you are purchasing is eligible for duty use.
  • A statement indicating that you are legally eligible to make such a purchase under all State and Federal laws
  • A statement indicating that the nature of the purchase is not for resale or transfer of the firearms being acquired.
  • YOUR signature and date
  • The signature and date of your Chief LE Officer (i.e. Chief or Sheriff, or their authorized designee)

Indirect Purchase:

Indirect purchases for complete firearms must be made through a local FFL dealer. That being the case, the local dealer will set the price to you. We are happy to assist the dealer in any way we can. In indirect purchases, you buy from the dealer, you pay the dealer, the dealer buys from Olympic.

If we can assist you in any way in making your purchase, please do not hesitate to ask.

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