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What does my serial number mean?

UPDATED AS OF 3-28-2018

Q:  What does my serial number mean?

A: Nothing is more frustrating than to know little or nothing about the firearm you own or are about to buy.  Use the information in this page to help determine when your Olympic Arms firearm was produced.  Please read THE ENTIRE PAGE before writing or calling for more information. Most of your questions can be answered with the following information. 

FIRE: The Reason for our Limited Information Database:
As many of you already know, on the 7th of June, 2000, Olympic Arms experienced a devastating fire that destroyed our assembly area, inventory space, and sales offices. In those offices were housed our current as well as archival records with regards to manufacture, acquisition and distribution of firearms. The books that we, as well as all federally licensed firearms dealers are required to keep are commonly known as "Bound Books", or "A&D" (acquisition & distribution) books.

These books, over 25 years of Olympic Arms history and data (to that date), were completely and 100% destroyed in that fire. All A& D book records prior to the 7th of June, 2000 are GONE. Period. Agents of the BATFE were on site as the ashes cooled to verify that these records were inb afct destroyed. This is an unfortunate situation that severely limits our ability to provide product information for any and all firearms produced by Olympic Arms including AR-15 lower receivers and/or complete AR products, as well as bolt-cation rifles and receivers, as well as Safari Arms 1911 handguns and frames manufactured and sold prior to that date. 

What we CAN Provide:
As a result all that we can provide is what you see below, a date "range" in which your serial number was manufactured.

What we CANNOT Provide:
  • We CANNOT provide you with the EXACT date the serial number manufactured. 
  • We CANNOT provide the exactr date the serial number was shipped.
  • We CANNOT provide you with information determining whether a particular serial number was a factory assembled firearm or sold as a stripped receiver.
  • We CANNOT tell you into what configuration/model that your serial number was assembled into.
  • We CANNOT determine whether or not your particular serial number is a legal grandfathered pre-ban firearm as it pertains to many current (unconstitutional) State laws. 


What Does This List Show Me?
Below you will see a list of serial numbers. At Olympic Arms, we group our serial numbered lowers into "ranges". These serial number ranges are based on the first and last serial numbers as recorded in our hard copy A&D (Bound Book) ledgers. Eachg ledger has a start date and a start serial number that are recorded on the cover opf each ledger. This is how these ranges are then categorized. 

Prior to our fire, the process had begun to record all the information from our paper historical bound book ledgers into an electronic database. All that had been recorded to that date were simply the cover information (start date/start serial number, end date, last serial number) recorded in each ledger. This is the information you see listed below. 

If you'll notice, all the serial number ranges have a letter prefix but one. The initial receivers made by Olympic Arms simply contain a 4 digit serial number, no letter prefix. Each subsequent serial number range (either beginning with 0001, or 1001) will show a 1 or 2 letter prefix. Coincidentally, you may note that these receivers were made from billet aluminum, making Olympic Arms the first manufacturer of billet lower receivers for the AR15. 

Additionally, you will see several lines for serial numbers that begin with the same letter(s) prefix. These prefix series are divided by a date range to their right. These date ranges are the beginning and ending dates of the physical paper ledgers in which those numbers were recorded. In other words, the ledger books were not large enough to contain all of the numbers (0001-9999) from any particular serial number series in one book. For that reason, there is a beginning date and end date for each ledger. That is what you see below.

SPECIAL AND IMPORTANT NOTE: If your receiver's serail number or model number incorporates a 'date stamp', in either the serial number area or model number area, it is a POST-BAN RECEIVER REGARDLESS OF THE DATES LISTED ON THE LIST BELOW.

This date-stamp when used in conjunction with the serial number will be seen in the form of "95.Hxxxx", "94.Vxxx", "95.BLXXXX", or similar. These date stamps may also be seperated from the balance of the serial number by a 'dot' or dash. These numbers will look like: "95.xxxx", or "94-Vxxxx" or similar.

Date stamps may also be incorporated into the MODEL NUMBER of the unit. They would be seen in the formula of: "MFR 94" or "OA93-95" or similar.

This is important, as several serial number series were in production when the 1994 Clinton Era Crime Bill went into effect September 13, 2004. For this reason SOME of those serial numbers were grandfathered in as "Pre-ban" serial numbers, and some were not. Those that were not grandfathered, then received a DATE STAMP that was incorporated into the model number or serial number as exlained.

If you have any questions regarding the interpretation of the markings on your lower, please feel free to send a picture of the left sidfe of the recoiver or any and all of the markings on your lower to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . We'll be happy to take a look at the pics and give you some assistance.

Match your receiver up with the letter prefixes on the chart below. Each line is separated into 5 columns.

Column 1: The serial number itself (including prefix).

Column 2: The beginning serial number in that book.

Column 3: The beginning date for that book. If there is only one date listed after the serial numbers in column 2 and/or 2, all of those numbers were manufactured on that same day.

Column 4: End date for that book.

Column 5: Comments regarding that range of serial numbers. The comments as listed would apply to all of the serial numbers with the prefix listed to the left.


SN Range 1st Date End Date Special Notes
0001 0004 03/14/79 Prototypes
1000 8845 03/14/79 06/04/82 Cut from aluminum bar stock.  Most were made for other manufacturers such as Palmetto Armory.
X1001 X2987 07/02/1982 06/01/1983
X2988 X3484 06/02/1983 09/01/1983
X2988 X3484 06/02/1983 09/01/1983
P0001A P0588A 12/17/1982 07/18/1988 PAWS: Police Automatic Weapons Service, OR
Z0001 Z2002 09/08/1983 08/24/1984
Z2003 Z3955 05/29/1984 02/08/1985
Z3956 Z6007 02/14/1985 12/12/1985
Z6008 Z8018 12/17/1985 09/10/1986
Z8019 Z9985 09/15/1986 03/09/1988
Z9986 Z9999 03/09/1988
W1001 W2957 03/09/1988 05/08/1989
V0001 V0716 12/02/1986 10/01/1987
These receivers were manufactured
for Bushmaster. While all of these
are for BM, there were more.
NAMV1 NAMV100 03/20/1985 08/28/1986 These were limited edition Vietnam War Commemoratives. 
USMC1 USMC320 01/21/1986 04/05/1993 Limited Edition US Marine Corp Commemoratives sold as stripped lowers to one manufacturer who assembled them into complete units by special order.
U1001 U1597 08/18/1987 11/28/1989
F1006 F3000 04/27/1989 08/25/1989
F3001 F5052 08/25/1989 12/14/1989
F5053 F9109 12/14/1989 08/10/1990
F9110 F9999 08/10/1990 10/03/1990
T1001 T2119 10/03/1990 01/08/1991
T2120 T3758 01/08/1991 04/05/1991
T3759 T7480 04/05/1991 01/31/1992
T7481 T9532 01/31/1992 08/12/1992
T9533 T9999 08/13/1992 09/24/1992
AA001 09/24/1992 PROTOTYPE
AA1001 AA2297 09/24/1992 12/23/1992
AA2298 AA2425 12/23/1992 01/04/1992
GG1000 GG1009 02/01/1993 07/05/1993
OA1001D OA1039D 10/07/1991 10/31/1991
OAD1040 OAD1067 03/16/1992 10/09/1992
OAS1042 OAS1138 03/18/1992 10/13/1992
AC10000 AC10058 02/08/1993
C0001 C5000+ 06/01/1989 12/15/1990 Manufactured to meet demand of pending California ban (C = California).
LL0001 LL0267 01/05/1993 01/22/1993
BL1000 BL2784 02/01/1993 05/26/1993
BL2785 BL4814 05/26/1993 12/03/1993
BL4815 BL6861 12/03/1993 02/24/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
BL6862 BL8799 02/25/1994 06/18/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
BL8800 BL9533 06/20/1994 07/20/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
BS0001 BS0699 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
BS0700 BS0825 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
NF0001 NF1999 01/03/1994 05/21/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
NF2000 NF3999 05/21/1994 08/27/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
NF4000 NF4055 08/27/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
94NF1000 95NF2587 11/14/1994 01/24/1995 Post Ban H series.
UK0001 UK0448 08/27/1994 08/27/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
E1001 E2099 09/01/1991 04/24/1997
E2100 E2290 04/24/1997 03/08/1990
CA0001 CA0690 02/21/1994 08/09/1994 Cast Aluminum receivers
TBOR1791 TBOR1991 1991 1991 These receivers are made from Beryllium copper.
CIA0001 CIA3402 10/28/1996 07/14/1997 These receivers were made under contract with Century International Arms. These are NOT Olympic Arms firearms, are post ban and not supported by Olympic Arms warrant in any fashion whatsoever.
H1300 H3299 08/27/1994 Any "H" series number lower than 'H1300" was made prior to 08-27-1994. No further information is available about these lower "H" series numbers.
H3300 H3354 08/17/1994 09/13/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
95H1112 95H3340 06/06/1995 07/07/1995 Post Ban H series 
V1000 V1499 05/05/1994 05/11/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
V1500 V2755 05/11/1994 08/05/1994 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
V2757 V3195 09/26/1997 11/25/1997 May be Date Stamped (see above note)
SA961000 SA961975 03/21/1996 09/18/1996
SA1975 SA3500 04/15/1997 01/02/1998
SA3501 SA5150 01/01/1998 06/18/1998
SA5151 SA6550 06/18/1998 09/28/1998
SA6551 SA8199 10/05/1998 05/10/1999
SA8200 SA9800 05/11/1999 10/07/1999
SA9801 SA9999 10/07/1999 10/18/1999
AUS1000 AUS1049 05/06/1998 02/01/1999
JJ0001 JJ1600 10/09/1999 02/18/2000
JJ1601 JJ2059 02/18/2000 03/22/2000
JJ2060 JJ4182 03/22/2000 10/03/2000
JJ4183 JJ5439 10/03/2000 02/07/2001
JJ5440 JJ6920 03/08/2001 12/04/2001
JJ6921 JJ8713 12/04/2001 08/06/2001
JJ8714 JJ9999 08/07/2001 01/29/2003
KX0001 KX1601 11/04/1998 05/10/1999
KX1700 KX2935 05/10/1999 08/20/1999
KX2936 KX4735 08/23/1999 01/20/2000
KX4736 KX5760 01/20/2000 03/31/2000
KX5761 KX7668 04/01/2000 07/20/2001
KX7669 KX9590 07/20/2001 04/03/2002
SGW0001 SGW1045 02/15/2000 04/10/2001 All SGW serial numbered lower receivers are CAST receivers, and sold stripped, or as "Plinker" Rifles only.
SGW1046 SGW2043 04/10/2001 02/14/2002
SGW2044 SGW3878 03/25/2002 04/05/2003
SGW0473 SGW5889 7/19/2000 7/23/2004
These receivers are match-grade quality Maxhard® treated Aluminum forged receivers.
BT0001 BT1853 05/24/2002 01/20/2003 Series named after long time employee Bill Thrall. Thanks for your service Bill!
BT1854 BT3654 01/21/2003 07/11/2003
BT3655 BT5453 07/11/2003 12/01/2003
BT5454 BT7300 12/02/2003 05/02/2004
BT7301 BT7301 BT9999 11/05/2004
M0001 M0198 02/20/200203 04/01/2002 Series Stopped because of CNC change.
LP0001 LP0577 05/02/2001 02/19/2004 OA-98 Pistols only
SM0001 SM8096 02/3/2003 6/22/2005 Series names after Oly CNC programmer Steve Melby. Thanks for your service Steve!
SM8097 SM9999 7/29/2005 10/31/2005
TB0001 TB4990 12/06/2005 8/11/2006 Series named after long time employee Tim Butterfield. Thanks for your service Tim!
TB4991 TB9999 8/15/2006 6/17/2007
KJ5010 4/20/2007

Series named after Karl Jergens. Thanks Karl for your years of service!

KJ5011 KJ9999 12/27/2007 6/30/2007
6/10/2008 1/29/2009 Series named after long time employee John Fischer. Thanks for your service John!
JF5001 JF9999 1-28-2009




04/07009 5/21/2010 Series named after long time employee Walt Dziadyk. Thanks for your service Walt!
WZ5011 WZ9999 5/21/2010


6/20/2011 Series named after long time employee Chris Holeman. Thanks for your service Chris!
CH5011 CH9999 6/21/2011 5/04/2012
10/08/2012 3/08/2013 Series named after long time employee Shane Barker. Thanks Shane for your years of service!
SB5011 SB9999 4/08/2013


AW0001 AW3810 7/16/2013 10/08/2013 Series named after Andrew Wilson. Thanks for your years of sesrvice Andy!
AW3811 AW5010 11/14/2013 03/02/2014
AW5011 AW9999 3/03/2014 5/06/2015
TS0001 TS2730 12/09/2015 02/15/2017 Series names after Tom Spithaler. Thanks for your service Tom! You were the best employee we ever had.